CGA Questionnaire

The results of Governor Questionnaire sent out to Calderdale Governors in  July 2011 are as follows:

1.      Do you think there is a need for CGA?    

YES 85%

Don’t know about CGA 10%

2.      What do you think CGA could do for you?

Provide networking opportunities with other Governors 37%

Provide advice/information                 35%

Governor training/Voice for Governance in Calderdale 12%

3.      What would encourage you to attend CGA meetings?

Relevant topics active issues NOT boring! 46%

Timing/Location                                     40%

4.      What is your preferred method of communication?

EMAIL (80%)            TEXT            (9%)            POST            (11%)  

5.      How do you think we could ensure that an executive truly represents and is accountable to you?

Broad participation/representation              30%

Direct communication/open email forum   14%

Transparent/report back                  13%

Meetings with feedback & representation 13%

Elections                                    13%

Proper role definition for CGA with regular surveys to keep on track 7%

6.      What would you say are the main issues that occupy your GB?

Funding                                                  14%

Changes to Governance & Academy status                13%

School improvement & outcomes for children       14%

Keeping up with changes & training                    10%

Staffing & Morale                                                6%

Buildings                                                             5%

Changes to LA & support                                       5%

Wide range of answers here some very specific to individual school situations.

7.      What help do you most need at present?

Information                 31%

How do we maintain high standards with changes to support from LA and new inspection framework ?          20%

Advice re Academy or other status   16%

8.      Which issues (Local or National) around governance are giving you the most cause for concern?

Academy Status                18%

Changes in Governance/Government policy   18%

Time needed and responsibility of Governors 16%

Changes within LA & support                         14%

Training & improving performance  8%

9.      What does your Governing Body do best?

Support & challenge Headteacher/SLT/School        31%

Work effectively together with good range of skills 24%

Visibility of Governing Body – time spent in school  7%

Focus on children                                     5%

Local community identity                        5%      

A big thank you to all Governors who took part in this questionnaire.

Finally, the CGA Working Party will use these responses to focus it’s agenda for actions over the next 6 months and will consult Governors on a regular basis to keep in touch with Governor needs and priorities.

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