CGA Conference 2011

The first conference of the re-formed CGA was held on Saturday 26th November 2011.

Amraz Ali slides and Emma Knights slides are now available from this website.

Here are the comments from David Whalley, Head of Learning Services at Calderdale Council:

Last Saturday also saw the inaugural conference for the newly formed CGA and again it was good to be part of an event that allowed an interface and discussion with so many governors. I believe that over 60 schools were represented which is a fantastic turnout at such an event. Keynote speakers included Amraz Ali, HMI and Emma Knights from the National Governors Association.

Emma made reference to a number of documents, one primary governors may be interested to access is the publication ‘Knowing Your School’, this is a series of briefing notes for school governors from the National Governors’ Association produced in association with partners. The document focuses on how to best interpret the 2011 RAISEonline for primary schools and gives some really helpful advice, this can be accessed via the NGA website by following the news link.

Stuart was also able to attend and made reference to school collaboration, highlighting the document ‘Creating a Self-Improving School System’. This is also worth a read as it has been produced by Professor David Hargreaves who has been advising the DfE on school improvement policy, this can be found via the NCSL website and typing SISS into the search engine.

Congratulations to John and Raj for such a successful, well attended event and thanks to Debby for her superior organisational skills.

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