CGA Conferences 2012

The 2012 CGA Conference titled “Improving both pupil outcomes & governance” took place on Saturday 17th November 2012 at Warley Road School and was well attended, with very positive feedback.

In their feedback, 95% of attendees rated the Conference as Very Good or Good, with over 50% saying Very Good. 97% of attendees felt that the Conference met their expectations. Nigel Gann’s “Outstanding Governance” session was the one most often mentioned as “most useful”. Here are some of the comments:

  • “Very good first CGA conference”
  • “A very, very worthwhile and enjoyable experience”
  • “Great! Generally uplifting and energising”
  • “Very informative and engaging presentations”
  • “Enjoyed the morning and found a lot of information very useful”
  • “Well done, Warley Road. Excellent hosts”
  • “Brilliant session with Nigel Gann”
  • “Nigel’s session was inspiring and thought provoking”
  • “Keynote by Nigel Gann – lots of food for thought and practical suggestions “
  • “Early Intervention Support well outlined by Stuart Smith”
  • “Social media presentation very entertaining”
Conference November 2012

Conference November 2012

Please follow the links for the slides used at the various sessions:

  • Stuart Smith – Early Intervention – slides
  • Nigel Gann – Outstanding Governance – slides
  • John Eccleston – The Ofsted Interview – slides
  • Robert Foulke – Social Media – slides
  • CGA – The Next 12 Months – slides

Resources mentioned by the speakers can be found here:

Nigel Gann: hamdon education  working in school  Worklife Support

Parliamentary Consultation on Governance (closes 17 December 21012)

Robert Foulkes: Faculty Employment Solutions

Suggestions for improvements included

  • “More time for networking” and “Break out workshops would be helpful” – we’ll be looking at including more interactive sessions and opportunities for discussion
  • “More Headteachers present” – we’ll look at holding a joint event with Heads
  • “Maybe ask governors in advance for key issues they would like to discuss” – we’re putting together a programme for the rest of the year – do let us know what you’d like covered

For information and presentation slides from the 2011 CGA Conference, please click here.

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