CGA Conferences 2013

November 2013 Conference

Attendees rated the November 2013 conference held at Trinity Academy as follows:

  • Very Good 70%
  • Good 30%

Comments included:

  • Overall excellent
  • Very good event, thank you for organising
  • Very good speakers
  • Excellent event – thanks
  • I enjoyed the morning
  • All excellent for different reasons. Good balance: local news re school developments (Roy), reflections on GB’s (David); new stuff on GB / Ofsted nationally (Ruth)
  • Nearly didn’t come as had a dreadful week. Very glad I did!
  • All three presentations provided useful insights into current issues around leadership and governance
  • Interesting and stimulating speakers. Food for thought


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The materials can be found here:

May 2013 Conference

Attendees rated the May 2013 conference as:

  • Very Good 28%
  • Good 67%
  • Satisfactory 5%

Lawrence Killian’s materials from the May 2013 conference are available.

For more about the 2012 and 2011 conferences, please follow the links

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